Zultys MXIE

Key Features

* Operates under Windows 2000 or Windows XP
* 16 call appearances to handle 16 simultaneous incoming calls
* Screen pops to indicate incoming calls
* Log in as individual, operator, and ACD agent simultaneously
* View single directory of entire company
* Send and receive unlimited instant messages to anyone in the company
* Maintain unlimited chat sessions (threaded messaging)
* Maintain buddy list of selected users
* Taskbar indication of new voice mail message
* Taskbar indication of indication of new instant message
* View and listen to voice mail
* Maintain voice mail for individual and groups
* Set your presence to indicate your availability
* Automatic changing of presence with no PC activity
* View presence of anyone in the company
* Initiate and answer calls with mouse clicks
* Forward calls based on caller ID, presence, or schedule
* Configure wrap up time as an ACD agent
* Call hold and transfer
* Call park and call pickup
* Associate control with any number of soft phones or physical phones
* Use with or without an associated phone
* View log of all incoming and outgoing calls and chat sessions

OverviewMXIE User Interface
With MXIE, users can configure their presence and view the presence of others, send instant messages, set call handling rules, access voice mail and fax mail, make and terminate calls, and bind the application to a phone. You can use the mouse to perform most functions. For example, you can transfer a call to another user by dragging and dropping the call indication onto the user’s name.

Presence is an indication of the current state of a user, such as available or busy. Other people in the enterprise may see that presence and be able to take action based upon it. For example, an operator might route a call to an assistant if a person is busy in a meeting.

Instant messaging allows users to communicate using text messages in real time. The administrator can control whether or not messages exit the enterprise. Users can also initiate chat sessions and chat conferences.

The call handling rules editor allows users to configure actions to be taken by the MX250 or MX1200 on incoming calls. The rules can be very flexible and based upon presence, date and time, or calling party number. The MX can be configured to transfer calls to a number outside the enterprise, for example a mobile phone.

Users can access voice mail either from their phone or MXIE. With MXIE, a voice mail message can be played on the PC, saved to a folder, attached to an email, or forwarded to another user. Users can access fax mail on their PC, print, copy, and forward to other users.

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